Cloud-based storage. Reloaded.

A new breed of user experience.

An uncompromising user experience is essential in enabling online file sharing and collaboration. While the most online storage applications have tied themselves to the old style of file browsing – nested folders with complicated filtering and sorting options – ftopia has raised the bar to develop an experience that is both intuitive and straightforward.

Starting with a clean slate, ftopia re-thought the entire online file storage experience with the sole goal of supporting the non-technical user. In pursuit of developing an intuitive and straightforward application that could be used by anyone, ftopia takes advantage of a number of key design principles, web development techniques, and state-of-the-art technologies.

Experience the simplicity for which ftopia routinely receives praise by starting to share your files today. You’ll find the service to be free from clutter, inviting its users to discover its full capabilities at their own pace. Simplicity does not yield to power, however, as ftopia imparts a sense of power and control to the user, enabling them to complete their actions with ease.

Open by design.

Building an open system isn’t just a fad or a way to be viewed as being progressive, it is a serious business requirement, that allows the ftopia service to be:

  • Accessed by other applications
  • Installed on nearly any infrastructure
  • Integrated with existing information systems

All of ftopia’s services are open by design, exposed through a web services interface (RESTful API). This makes it easy to securely store and retrieve documents revisions to and from ftopia.

With its unique cloud storage-agnostic design, the ftopia service lets you regain control over where your data is to be stored, whether it is on a public cloud such as Amazon Web Services, Cloudwatt, Microsoft Azure and dozens of others, or on your own Openstack-powered private cloud.

Performance, security and compliance.

ftopia has been designed and built in and for the cloud. This provides for unlimited scalability via the state of the art architecture capable of handling a concurrent upload and processing routine comprised of thousands of files at a time. To further extend its performance capabilities in the cloud, ftopia has built NEX-fp, a multi-redundant and extensible file processing architecture.

The best performing system is only as good as it is secure. Therefore, ftopia aims to maintain the highest level of trust of protection of information through integrated malware detection, tamper prevention, data encryption, and complete tamper evidence with full traceability in order to meet the high demands of internal and regulatory compliance requirements.

ftopia’s purposeful combination of performance, security, and scalability provide for a comprehensive online file storage and collaboration service that embodies all three components of information security: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.


ftopia is free of use for as long as you want. No credit card required.

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