Software Publishers

Provide quick and easy access to product sales tools and automate the delivery of new releases through a system with the file-handling power that you need.

In a highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry, software publishers rely on the ability to make their latest product marketing information and sales collaterals readily available to prospects and channels.

The ongoing delivery of new software components and product documentation also requires a secure and efficient system for managing and publishing heavy loads of content. New installers, patches, libraries, release notes, and user and administration guides are frequently released and need to be regularly delivered to distributors and customers.

What ftopia offers you

Accelerate Sales Cycle

Ensure that your prospects have direct access to the right information at the right time. Publish sales and marketing tools to your prospects and channels and build product demand.

Better Customer Service

Customers and integration partners are automatically notified of the release of new versions and patches. One stop shop for all your deliverables: binaries, manuals, release notes.

Authorized parties have direct access to real-time information from anywhere at any time. Data rooms are accessible from any device with an Internet connection.

State-of-the-Art Security

Data encryption, intrusion prevention, automatic data redundancy, access-rights management, and complete protection within an SAS 70 Type II-certified infrastructure ensure safety and confidentiality.

Software publishers have considerably high standards when it comes to content delivery methods. Security, reliability, and timeliness are musts, yet they often aren’t tackled by the traditional options available for file sharing. From limits in accessibility to technical issues to the hassles of complicated and costly systems, the inability to efficiently transmit files can easily work as a software publisher’s worst enemy.

The Challenges with Traditional Systems

Email Attachments

  • File size limits and server rejection/delivery failure issues
  • Confidentiality risks and poor security
  • Inability to sort multiple revisions of documents circulating among numerous parties creates file clutter and leads to costly mistakes

FTP Sites

  • Costly to operate and overly complex for non-technical users – IT staff support required for account setup, standard tasks, and frequent maintenance
  • Firewall policies/IT network restrictions, delivery failure issues, and slow downloads
  • Confidentiality risks and poor security

Network File Servers

  • Costly to operate – requires hardware purchase and IT staff support for installation, setup, and ongoing maintenance
  • Limited to internal use
  • Confidentiality risks

Document Management Systems (DMS) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

  • Costly to purchase, install, setup, and run
  • Overly complex for casual and external users
  • Confidentiality risks

ftopia’s online collaborative service provides a simple, reliable, and secure way to transmit all your data. Content can be uploaded to compartmentalized data rooms and quick and easy access can be granted to anyone. Marketing and sales materials are available to your prospects and channels at any time from any location.

ftopia is also loaded with features and apps that allow you to automate the delivery of new software component and product documentation releases. Updates to room contents post instantly are automatically replicated for room members. State-of-the-security keeps content completely safe. ftopia’s solution enables you to effectively build product demand and meanwhile streamline the distribution process.

Everything you need with one simple solution

  • Access to real-time information around the clock and around the globe from any computer, phone, or other device with an Internet connection
  • Quick internal and external exchanging system for files of any size or type without the need for a dedicated computer to manage them
  • Ease of use with an intuitive interface, file synchronizing features, and the ability to view files directly from Web browsers without downloading them
  • Savings with one affordable and obligation-free account that provides all the data rooms you need without anything to purchase, install, or setup
  • Control over information flow with automatic sorting of multiple-revision documents, user-activity reports, email notifications regarding room content changes, and assignment of level and duration of access to each file for each person
  • Branding capabilities with rooms you can customize by adding company logos and information
  • Safety and confidentiality with state-of-the-art security features including data encryption, intrusion prevention, automatic data redundancy, access-rights management, and complete protection within an SAS 70 Type II-certified infrastructure