Shared File Server

Store and exchange documents securely and easily with the system that does everything a shared file server can do, as well as the things that it can’t do.

All businesses alike count on the ability to efficiently manage and exchange the different documents surrounding their projects. Shared file servers provide a means for team members to access company files and to share them amongst each other. Organizations therefore commonly purchase such servers and lean on their IT departments to enable them. A simple cloud server on the other hand serves all the same purposes and meanwhile provides many additional benefits.

What ftopia offers you

Boost Collaboration

Enable business users to share unstructured information with remote employees, customers and partners.

State-of-the-Art Security

Content is fully protected within an SAS 70 Type II-certified infrastructure. Data encryption, intrusion prevention, automatic data redundancy, and access-rights management ensure safety and confidentiality.

Keep it Simple

There’s no need to change your infrastructure! ftopia is a SaaS solution that you can enable in a just few minutes – without installation or integration.

Opex, not Capex

Keep your investment budget for servicing your core business. ftopia is affordable and its capacities can be upgraded or downgraded on-demand.

Enabling a shared file server involves purchasing hardware, and pulling IT staff away from their usual operations for installation, setup, and ongoing maintenance.

In addition, more and more organizations are collaborating outside their company networks on a regular basis. Yet file servers are designed for internal use and completely ignore the need for communication with the rest of the world. Team members must then resort to other file exchange mediums that jeopardize security and are inherent with numerous obstacles.

The Challenges with Network File Servers

  • Costly to operate – requires hardware purchase and IT staff support for installation, setup, and ongoing maintenance
  • Limited to internal use
  • Confidentiality risks

With ftopia’s online collaborative data rooms, businesses can reap the rewards of shared file servers without any hassles. There’s no hardware or software to purchase, and there’s no installation or setup required. A single account is all it takes to create as many data rooms as you need.

Quickly exchange any type of file internally and externally with ease. Simply upload files to your rooms and grant instant access to anyone. Meanwhile state-of-the-art security features and access-rights management keep all content completely safe. Automatic versioning, folder synchronization, and detailed user-activity reports help manage content and monitor the flow.

What’s more? ftopia’s solution is a file server on the go, accessible from any Internet device and from any location 24/7!

Everything you need with one simple solution

  • Access to real-time information around the clock and around the globe from any computer, phone, or other device with an Internet connection
  • Quick internal and external exchanging system for files of any size or type without the need for a dedicated computer to manage them
  • Ease of use with an intuitive interface, file synchronizing features, and the ability to view files directly from Web browsers without downloading them
  • Savings with one affordable and obligation-free account that provides all the data rooms you need without anything to purchase, install, or setup
  • Control over information flow with automatic sorting of multiple-revision documents, user-activity reports, email notifications regarding room content changes, and assignment of level and duration of access to each file for each person
  • Branding capabilities with rooms you can customize by adding company logos and information
  • Safety and confidentiality with state-of-the-art security features including data encryption, intrusion prevention, automatic data redundancy, access-rights management, and complete protection within an SAS 70 Type II-certified infrastructure