Media / Communication

Communicate more effectively with your customers by providing them with easy access to the files pertaining to their projects.

Every day, countless documents are drafted and exchanged between the different players of the media and communication industries. Brief notes, storyboards, video rushes, design mockups, website wireframes, and stock images are in constant circulation. Very large files such as prepress proofs, high-resolution images, and HD videos must also make their way from one party to the next. With so many critical files soaring around, an efficient and reliable way to manage and distribute them is essential.

Moreover, customer satisfaction is top priority for firms that provide services to other businesses. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to maintain close communication with clients and to let them in on the files that involve their projects.

What ftopia offers you

Customer Satisfaction

Take advantage of easy online plan-, design-, and video-viewing capabilities! Clients can view files of any type or size directly from their Web browsers without the need to download them.


All involved parties have direct access to real-time information from anywhere at any time. Data rooms are accessible from any device with an Internet connection.

Effective Collaboration

Quickly share the latest information with clients and partners and keep everyone on the same page with automatic versioning. Monitor and improve the communication flow with user-activity reports.

State-of-the-Art Security

Data encryption, intrusion prevention, automatic data redundancy, access-rights management, and complete protection within an SAS 70 Type II-certified infrastructure ensure safety and confidentiality.


Elsewhere is a communication consulting firm which creates innovative online strategies for the successful branding and marketing of its clients’ products and services.

Sharing project files with its customers and among internal and external team members is all part of the process; thus the firm needed a suitable system which would help accomplish this more effectively. With ftopia, Elsewhere’s team members and customers now have a simple and easy-to-use common project repository that’s always accessible to them.

Ftopia is really simple and intuitive, and much better than email for exchanging drafts with our customers.

The many obstacles associated with traditional file management and exchanging methods make them insufficient for meeting your customers’ and your own firm’s needs. This is especially so within any industry that’s surrounded by such large multimedia files and the inherent difficulties in transmitting them. Technical mishaps like important files not reaching your clients can easily work against you and undermine the customer satisfaction that your business depends on so greatly.

The Challenges with Traditional Systems

Email Attachments

  • File size limits and server rejection/delivery failure issues
  • Confidentiality risks and poor security
  • Inability to sort multiple revisions of documents circulating among numerous parties creates file clutter and leads to costly mistakes

FTP Sites

  • Costly to operate and overly complex for non-technical users – IT staff support required for account setup, standard tasks, and frequent maintenance
  • Firewall policies/IT network restrictions, delivery failure issues, and slow downloads
  • Confidentiality risks and poor security

Network File Servers

  • Costly to operate – requires hardware purchase and IT staff support for installation, setup, and ongoing maintenance
  • Limited to internal use
  • Confidentiality risks

Facilitate better communication with your clients and more effective collaboration with your partners with ftopia’s secure online data rooms. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to upload and store files of any type or size in one place and quickly share them with anyone. Simply grant access to whomever you choose and they’re in!

Your customers can even view and validate deliverables directly from their Web browsers without the need to download video rushes, graphic artworks or wireframes. With ftopia’s solution, you’ll save valuable time, improve your productivity and client relations, and eliminate technical difficulties all in one fell swoop.

Everything you need with one simple solution

  • Access to real-time information around the clock and around the globe from any computer, phone, or other device with an Internet connection
  • Quick internal and external exchanging system for files of any size or type without the need for a dedicated computer to manage them
  • Ease of use with an intuitive interface, file synchronizing features, and the ability to view files directly from Web browsers without downloading them
  • Savings with one affordable and obligation-free account that provides all the data rooms you need without anything to purchase, install, or setup
  • Control over information flow with automatic sorting of multiple-revision documents, user-activity reports, email notifications regarding room content changes, and assignment of level and duration of access to each file for each person
  • Branding capabilities with rooms you can customize by adding company logos and information
  • Safety and confidentiality with state-of-the-art security features including data encryption, intrusion prevention, automatic data redundancy, access-rights management, and complete protection within an SAS 70 Type II-certified infrastructure