Want your data safe?


Amazon Web Services

Welcome to state-of-the-art online information security. From the moment you upload your first file to your ftopia data room, you are protected by the most powerful combination of security measures on the web: SSL certified encryption, military-grade secure infrastructure, high availability, real-time backup, intrusion prevention and strong authentication.

As more companies shift to cloud computing and SaaS solutions, powerful online security measures become critical.

At ftopia, the security of your data is our priority.

Automatic Data Redundancy

ftopia uses Amazon S3 cloud infrastructure to store your files. When you upload or update your data in your ftopia rooms, it is instantly mirrored on multiple physical locations. This method of redundancy not only backs up your data automatically, but it also ensures that your workroom is always up and running with no network down time.

Physical & Operational Security

In addition to its many layers of operational security features, AWS literally secures your precious data physically. Datacenters are housed in nondescript facilities where physical access is strictly controlled by professional security staff as well as by electronic means. Multiple levels of authentication are required before authorized staff can even enter the datacenter floors. No one gets to your data other than you and your authorized team.

Encrypted Communication

All accesses to your ftopia workroom can be encrypted so that your sensitive data is kept safe from prying eyes. Using SSL 256-bit encryption, your information is protected when it is sent across the internet with the same impenetrable defenses that are used by banks to protect your credit card information.

Strong Authentication

Authentication just became easier and more effective. ftopia uses a one-of-a-kind method of authentication, powered by Mobilegov, to ensure that only you and your authorized team have access to your workrooms. Instead of only relying on passwords that are vulnerable to hacking attacks, you may leverage the “digital DNA” of your users’ own IT equipment to grant access to your data. Authentication at ftopia is easy, flexible, cost-effective, and much more secure.