M&C SAATCHI.GAD use ftopia to manage their files online

24 Sep M&C SAATCHI.GAD use ftopia to manage their files online

M&C SAATCHI.GAD is a communications agency, created in 2005 based on an innovational business model. A true “2.0 company”, it federates approximately ten partnerships each specialized in the communication fields: Web Design, Corporate & PR, CRM, Events and Production… Within this group, “OVEREASY” is a joint-venture in the field of audiovisuals, specializing in the production of content. OVEREASY has produced 31 films this year, of generally short formats films intended to promote brands and to feed web sites or mobile content engines.

Most of the time, this content includes huge files which are impossible to send by e-mail. Ftp server management, used prior to the use of ftopia, remains complicated and tedious. Given that increasingly, more and more project members were being brought together in order to work on these files, the agency sought a simpler and more effective means to share these files quickly.

Emma Tanquerel, Executive producer, OverEasy: “ftopia is very useful to us. Sharing large files with distant coworkers is not a problem anymore, all the information exchanges are simplified and we gain in effectiveness,”

ftopia makes it possible from now on for those in charge of production to immediately share the film rushes in the course of assembly with distant teams or external partners. The service also facilitates the remote validation (and proofing) of films produced by international customers and film directors located abroad.

The creation of new members in ftopia workspaces is carried out in minutes, much more quickly than with ftp systems used before. The members can then connect themselves and access their workspaces in full safety without having any software to install on the computers. It is also possible to send a simple download link when the need is very specific.

The partitioned workspaces management is adapted to the agency activity which distributes the useful contents to each customer in their reserved workspaces organized by project, brand, etc. The ftopia service is also secured (SSL encryption of the communications 256-bit). Protected access to the workspace is guaranteed by the members’ user credentials and authentication of who can access it is only by invitation.

ftopia uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers. This massively distributed computer infrastructure has been tested for more than 13 years. Thus, ftopia customers benefit from among the most robust and surest Web hosting facilities in the world, serving million of customers and executing million of transactions each month.

We are happy to collaborate with such a prestigious agency like M&C Saatchi! We endeavor to provide a high quality service which meets a true need and facilitates professionals’ daily life. We are listening to them in order to be able to accompany them and the regular feedback we receive from our customers such as M&C Saatchi is encouraging us in this journey.

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