Jamespot Pro and ftopia are partners

19 Nov Jamespot Pro and ftopia are partners

Jamespot.pro is an information sharing service based on the enterprise’s social network. A true collaborative 2.0 information system, it allows co-workers and company targeted communities (partners, prospective customers, customers…) to store, search, publish and share information coming from various sources on the Web. Its extremely simple use guarantees an instantaneous implementation and an immediate adoption by users.

Jamespot.pro is available in SaaS mode and does not require any installation on the user’s workstation, exactly like ftopia which offers collaborative workspaces to professionals in order to store and share their files on the Internet in SaaS mode. Particularly useful to SME customers as well as to professional organizations, freelancers, and home-workers, the ftopia solution makes it possible to instantaneously exchange any document with distant third parties or colleagues, in a completely safe and secure fashion.

Alain Garnier, CEO of Jamespot: “Our customers are confronted with increased dematerialization, which is combined with strict security requirements as well as storage of critical files like contracts, invoices, board communications…. This is the specific need that our partnership with ftopia answers. To a customer, it is completely seamless. He just has to add the ftopia module to the Jamespot.pro solution. The ftopia module has been added to our catalog of existing modules for business management. ”

ftopia and Jamespot together offer simplicity, effectiveness and agility to their customers. In a few clicks, professionals can, because of the interaction between these two services, share all of the information which is of interest to their ecosystem instantaneously: in “spotting” (“Spot”: to publish on the Spot, in a click, using a web button) the best of the Web and by sharing their professional files in a secured and customised workspace with their professional and business community.

The alliance between our companies also allows professionals and firms to drastically reduce their costs of ownership for a complete collaborative solution. With ftopia and Jamespot.pro, all types of files and all pertinent information circulating on the Internet can be gathered and shared very simply and in real time with internal and external teams in order to gain effectiveness at an affordable cost.

Professionals today must be able to collaborate extensively and easily. They must ensure a better level of knowledge management in order to remain competitive in their respective markets. It is the concept of the effective Extended Enterprise to which ftopia and Jamespot.pro are attached.
We are delighted to partner with Jamespot. It seemed natural to us to set up this partnership as we pursue the same goal while offering our customers perfectly complementary added-value Internet services.

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