The first provably secure cloud collaboration service

14 Feb The first provably secure cloud collaboration service

ftopia, a global provider of cloud-based data collaboration and storage services, and GuardTime, creator of the patented Keyless Signature™ technology used to validate the world’s data, today announced a partnership that enables businesses to securely share their files without relying on trust as a means to validate the integrity of their data.

With GuardTime’s Keyless Signatures technology integrated within ftopia’s secure rooms, businesses will be able to:

  • Securely store their data online with undeniable proof of integrity, eliminating the need to rely on trust
  • Safely share and synchronize their content with other people, providing evidence that the content has not been changed since it was last shared
  • Convert their data stored in the cloud into safe, tamper-evident data archives

GuardTime’s Keyless Signature technology provides proof of signing authority, time of the signature, and lifelong integrity for data stored in the cloud or in transit between business collaborators. The signature never expires and its verification is based solely on mathematics, eliminating the need for secrets or keys and the unwieldy management associated with traditional PKI technologies that fail in the cloud.

Business teams can securely store and share files with proof that their data remains intact

The integration of our unique Keyless Signature technology within the ftopia collaboration and storage service answers the most pressing question facing the cloud computing industry — how can businesses trust their data in the cloud?” said Mike Gault, CEO of GuardTime. “The answer is they don’t have to, as cloud service providers such as ftopia can now provide proof of data integrity for the content stored within any GuardTime-enabled secure storage location. Furthermore, with the GuardTime Keyless Signature by its side, the proof of integrity follows the data wherever it goes, even when shared outside an ftopia secure room.

Organizations are often leery of storing their data in the cloud or sharing their data with other people. However, with the GuardTime-enabled ftopia secure rooms, we eliminate the need for businesses to blindly trust the integrity of their content by delivering proof that no content changes have been made since the files were uploaded,” said Philippe Honigman, Founder and CEO of ftopia. “Integrating GuardTime’s Keyless Signature technology into the ftopia service fulfills the otherwise unanswered need of provable security for businesses interested in using cloud-based services for storage and collaboration.

The GuardTime-enabled secure storage and collaboration service is available immediately as a subscription add-on to any of the paid Standard or Enterprise plans offered by ftopia.

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