Get the ftopia Sync Client

What the sync client does

ftopia’s sync client is the vehicle for quick and effortless online collaboration between you, your teammates, and your partners and customers. It enables you to share files from local folders with one another while your computers function as your servers. Why bother emailing files back and forth or uploading them in Web browsers when you can just copy them to a storage area that’s directly accessible by each authorized party? You can all open and edit your shared files and you all have instant access to their updates as they continue to evolve.

Activating and using our sync client is a walk in the park – all you need to do is download the application and then drag and drop your files into your new ftopia-mapped folder…and they sync to your online data rooms just like that! The organization of your documents is maintained and data becomes immediately available to everyone with room access.

No Internet connection? No problem! You and your team can still be productive while offline by editing files in their usual applications and they automatically update in your data rooms when you log in again. Room members are automatically copied with the updates and notified via email. And when you are logged in, your files are continuously synchronized in the background.

How to set up your sync client

To start using the sync client, first you’ll need an active ftopia account. If you haven’t already signed up, set up your free account by clicking the red button on the right. Then click on the green button beneath it to download the sync client. Save the file locally on your computer and run setup.

As soon as you enter your email and password the synchronization begins. Open up Windows Explorer and see your new ftopia network drive! An animated orange icon in the system tray shows the sync status of each file once you copy them over. You can access your data rooms and start collaborating right away!