Fotolia and ftopia become partners

13 Oct Fotolia and ftopia become partners

Committed to its promise of promoting the secure exchange and file-sharing amongst the world’s professionals, ftopia is bringing their delivery one step further through its partnership with Fotolia – a company that offers professionals in all sectors an online collection of over 10 million royalty-free photos, vector illustrations and HD videos at affordable fees – adding a new service to its offer portfolio.

Upon creation of their user account, ftopia clients will enjoy free access to a set of royalty-free, regularly-updated images, made available to them in their private online ftopia sharing space.

ftopia users will also have access to the entire Fotolia catalogue, allowing them to choose from the 10 million available references. Additionally, with each Fotolia account opened, the ftopia user will be given a 20% discount on their first purchase.

An offer dedicated to graphic design and communication professionals

The offer aims at meeting the needs of publishing professionals whose work requires permanent use of pictures, photos or videos (such as advertising and communication companies, graphic and web designers, etc.), but also those of communication and marketing professionals no matter the field.

Professionals responsible for sharing media quickly find the limitations in email distributions: heavy graphics and multi-media files are too large and blocked at the receiving end, while sending out updated versions to several contacts can lead to the risk of using incorrect versions of the files. As for standard ftp sites, they are often tricky to approach for non-technical professionals and are not always accessible via company networks.

With ftopia, Web agencies, creative designers and communication professionals have immediate access to the secure online storage facility which promotes consistent and up-to-date project information sharing with all members of the team. To make the collaboration and sharing process easy, users can view and validate their files without having to download them first: video rushes, design drafts, storyboards, etc. Multimedia information is secure and available everywhere, to every authorized person.

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