About Us

File-centric collaboration

For many years, collaborative communication existed mainly within organizations on an internal level. Traditional information systems were designed to improve performance and to control operations for each company.

Today, things are different. The extended enterprise is now a reality. All organizations are interconnected in some way. To function, they have an ongoing critical need to exchange continuously increasing volumes of information.

Eighty percent of this information is unstructured, meaning that it is data mainly contained within a company’s library of files. Unlike the structured information within databases centralized and organized by IT services, information in the form of files is extremely scattered and very difficult to mobilize efficiently.

Our goal is to develop and provide the ability to easily access and share unstructured information with all interlocutors, regardless of where they are or with which organizations they are associated. In other words, we strive to enable truly collaborative information sharing.

Our Guiding Principles

Sharing more than files

We spend our days to make sharing simpler, faster, better. This mindset embraces relations within our team, with our users, and towards our social environment in general.

Openness as a mindset

Our technology is built to support every industry and to be customized to meet your specific needs. We want it to be easy to integrate with, and to be running on any infrastructure.

The beauty of simplicity

Our ideal is to enable you to effectively share information without the need for complex technology. We constantly aim to reduce system-bogging and to streamline interactions so that exchanging content is simple.